Leak-proof the cooling system

Important functions of the coolant in the cooling system

Why do you have to stop the radiator leak? Especially on hot summer days, the cooling system in the car is highly stressed. High temperatures, long-distance journeys and possible traffic jams or stop-and-go traffic are a challenge for the important systems in the car. If the cooling system has any deposits of calcium and rust or even the finest leaks caused by hairline cracks, this can lead to an additional burden on its efficiency. In consequence, these leaks in the cooling and heating system can increase the risk of expensive component damage.

Reduced cooling capacity due to loss of coolant

Even the smallest hairline cracks in the radiator lead to leaks and affect engine cooling or increase wear. Corrosion protection, water pump and thermostat lubrication are then only possible to a limited extent. It is therefore very important to take the appropriate measures to seal the cooling system immediately. Even for the smallest leaks. It is crucial to consider a regular inspection and professional replacement of the coolant. This will ensure optimum engine cooling functions permanently.

Leaks in the cooling and heating system – replace or repair?

In an emergency, time and cost-saving additives such as BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 can quickly and easily save you a trip to the nearest workshop or gas station. This is a radiator additive made in Germany, developed to seal hairline cracks in the cooling system and seals thanks to its specially developed polymers, which do not clog the cooling channels or the coolant lines. It will stop radiator leak and proper function its quickly restored. So, as an additional piece of equipment in the emergency kit, BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 can preventively ensure a more relaxed journey on holiday.

How to use BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71

This product is a ready-to-use preparation for all cooling water and heating systems with and without water filters,. It also works with any coolant with or without a filter. It is also suitable for aluminum and plastic radiators. 250 ml of BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 is sufficient for an application up to a maximum of 12.5 litres of coolant.

  1. Shake BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 well before use.
  2. Add BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 to the coolant.
  3. Set the heating to the highest level
  4. Let the engine run at idle speed (approx. 10 to 15 minutes).
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