For ease of component removal

Automotive professionals know only too well that components have the unfortunate tendency to seize together over time. Parts fuse together due to corrosion and the effects of repeated heating and cooling. The problem is most pronounced where high temperatures are involved, such as the braking system or exhaust components.

Anti-seizing function

The main reason is that some materials naturally tend to seize or weld under certain operating conditions. A common problem is the hub flange where the road wheel is attached to the mating face of the hub. The combination of high and low temperature cycles, repeated contact with water and accumulation of dirt and brake dust exacerbates aluminium’s tendency to corrode with steel causing the components to seize together.

Quiet brakes

An important application for BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 is the braking system, as it can be used as an anti-squeal agent to prevent metal-to-metal contact and also protect the brake components against the onset of the oxidation process.

BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 is extremely pressure-resistant, protects against corrosion and provides reliable protection and lubrication at temperature extremes; it is also resistant to road salt and spray.

Warning – Risk of personal injury or damage to property due to reduced braking capability!
Never apply Ceramic+ L55 Spray to brake linings, brake discs or brake drums! Apply to friction component back plates only!

The modern anti-squeal lubricant

BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 is compatible with ABS, ASR and ESP because it is based on an advanced nitride-boron formulation and is not electrically conductive. The non-conductive properties are essential for modern braking and assistance systems because using a conductive lubricant containing metal particles can interrupt the low-voltage signals used in these systems.

The coating not only has high levels of durability but the function of the components remains unaffected by contact with acids and alkalis. Many component surfaces such as screw, plug and bayonet connections made of steel and non-ferrous metals can be coated with BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 Spray. Even after a long period of operation BIZOL Ceramic+ L55 facilitates easy separation and the removal of components.

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