Many of us have probably asked ourselves: is this step of car maintenance actually necessary or important and what do I actually get out of it? During a visit at your local car repairshop you may have come accross these cans with „fuel system cleaner“ written on them. So here´s probably our moment to explain why a fuel system cleaner actually makes sense.

It is obvious that the fuel system has a very important job. Its main function is to store and supply the fuel to the engine to make it run. Similar to a vascular system, the fuel system is made of up of fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel injectors and fuel pumps. When the fuel runs through the fuel system you have to realise that none of it is absolutely pure. Depending on where you live, the degree of contaminants in the fuel may vary tremendously. Even if you use the best quality fuel, over time contaminants can build up in your fuel system causing problems. 

What are these problems?

Over time these contaminants will accumulate in the injection pump on the injectors and in the intake valves and throughout an engine’s combustion chamber. However, the most noticeable problems will come from the deposits forming on your fuel injectors. Your fuel injectors are designed to deliver a high pressure mist of fuel into your intake air creating the explosive mixture that is needed to create combustion in the engine  to power your vehicle.  As these deposits build up on your fuel injectors, they will start to malfunction leading to a change the characteristics of the fuel mist into your engine.  Fuel that is poorly mixed with the intake air due to a poorly flowing injector is more difficult to ignite and burns less efficiently than well blended fuel.  This fuel mixture which is difficult to ignite leads to higher fuel consumption you are experiencing as well as poor starting performance, higher pollutant emissions and a poorly idling vehicle.

What´s the solution?

Do not let it happen that your fuel system gets seriously clogged. That would lead to a complicated repairing process that will take a serious amount of money out of your pocket in the end. Therefore,  it makes perfect sense to use a good quality Gasoline System Cleaner or Diesel System Cleaner from time to time to maintain your fuel system in a good condition. Both BIZOL additives clean the entire fuel system, including injectors and valves. One 250 ml can is sufficient for a tank volume of up to 75 l. You can use the fuel system cleaner at any time, we recommend adding it before refueling. In areas with very good fuel quality, we recommend using it every 3rd tank filling. In areas with very poor fuel quality we advise to use the product continuously. We trust that you know the quality of the fuel in the region you live in. And we also trust that you have recognized that a use of a fuel system cleaner will help your engine to run smoothly and efficiently.

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