Summer is around the corner and we all look forward to great warm weather. When temperatures get too high we are ever so happy to enjoy clean and fresh air in the car when travelling alone or with our family. In fact, we tend to spend more and more time in our cars and use it even for short distances. And honestly – who likes to travel in a stuffy car with bad air? Therefore, a well functioning car air conditioner is an absolute must.

But doesn´t it happen sometimes that you turn on your air conditioner and instead of cool air you have to deal with an uncomfortable smell? This smell is caused by mould, bacteria and fungus that usually grow around the condenser and evaporator of the air conditioning unit. Once the bacteria are there and the car´s air condition is in use, the bacteria are blown inside the car and maybe harmful for your health, especially the respiratory system. So how to protect your health in the easiest and most effective way?

The easiest would be the preventive method – to keep your car´s air conditioning system clean to not even allow for this situation to happen. 6 months are a good time slot in which the AC should be cleaned. A good AC cleaner removes dirt from the air dugs and the evaporator, removes the bad smell and creates a protective film on the evaporator.

But how to do it? Here´s our step-by-step guide using the BIZOL AC Clean+ c30 as an example. It is easy to apply:

  • First you need to do is dry your air conditioner: you turn the regulator of temperature and ventilator in the maximum positon, then turn off the engine and the AC.
  • Remove all filters from the inlet channel to ensure access to the evaporator. If the air inlet ducts is very dirty, clean it mechanically using an air compressor to blow off the dust. The position of the air inlet channel varies depending on the model of the car. But generally, it is located behind the glove compartment.
  • Insert the supplied hose into the opening of the filter housing and spray until the foam comes out of the opening.
  • Wait about 10 to 15 minute until the foam has dissolved.
  • Start the engine and turn on the air conditioner to the highest level
  • Leave it on for another 5 minutes, and then turn off the engine and the air conditioning.
  • Now insert a new filter for the air conditioner and close the filter housing.
  • Start again the engine and turn on the air conditioning to the highest level.
  • After another 5 minutes running time the cleaning has been completed successfully

During the cleaning procedure the AC Cleaner will disperse a subtle fresh orange scent around the car. Cleaning your car’s air conditioning system will not only keep the musty smell from returning, but it will help you get the longest service life out of the various AC system components, saving you money in costly AC repair bills down the road. A dirty filter forces your air conditioner to work harder, adding strain to the car engine, wasting energy, and demanding more fuel to function properly. So keep in mind that keeping our AC clean saves you fuel on the long run.

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