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wheel slipping / jolts, vibration and knocks. What to do?

Some car owners wrongly assume that the latest automatic transmissions are filled with an ATF for the entire service life of the vehicle. However extreme and often incorrect operationing conditions cause accelerated degridation of the ATF resulting in wear and tear of the automatic transmission itself. This results in the moving elements of the gear box to quickly fail requiring expensive repairs.

BIZOL Automatic Transmission Fluids

ATTENTION! Follow the instructions of car manufacturer!


In addition to filter clogging and pump failure, insufficient level of ATF liquid or the accelerated deterioration of its properties may be indicated as one among reasons for the automatic tranmission to fail, especially when cheap ATF liquid was used. To avoid problems with premature and expenisve repairs, we offer the

BIZOL ATF product series:

  • prevent vibration and knocking
  • provide smooth gear shifting
  • provide dynamic properties during the car acceleration
  • lubricates
  • cools
  • protect against corrosion and wear
  • transfer the torque

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