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Undissolved deposits in the oil system. What to do?

It is the perennial question. If the oil lube system must be cleaned then why, when and how often? It is assumed that the additives package included into the engine oil copes fully with oil contaminations. But factors such as the mode of operation, fuel quality, driving style, the climatic conditions, stop and go driving in a city and the road quality all have adverse impacts, reduce the service life significantly and increase oil consumption.

BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90

ATTENTION! Never use it for motorcycles with a wet clutch.

The additive is used to clean the oil lube system when the engine oil is replaced


  • it will remove deposits and high-temperature sludge from an engine
  • it is compatible with all engine lube oils available commercially
  • it is advisable to use it at each lube oil changing for all petrol and diesel engines.

Oil Additives

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