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three types of engine overheating. What to do?

- overheating can result in wear and tear of all parts of the engine practically.

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70

If the overheating is not caused by mechanical damages, the above problem can be avoided by BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 cooling system cleaner

  • dissolves and removes coolant deposits
  • removes sludge
  • removes contaminations from the cooling system

radiator – Protège Et Augmente Le Niveau De Performance

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70


  1. dissolves lime and dirt deposits
  2. compatible with all sealing materials
  3. cleans and protects the cooling system

Product Description

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 is a radiator additive Made in Germany developed to clean the entire cooling system. Deposits in the cooling and heating system reduce the heat exchange and can cause an engine damage. This Product contains special, gentle cleaning agents for the entire cooling circuit and does not have a negative effect on the radiator and sealing. It dissolves contaminants containing oil and lime and should be used before changing the coolant. BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 effectively cleans and protects the cooling circuit and is suitable for all cooling systems in motor vehicles, trucks and buses.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in LitresLanguages
8885250 mlDE / EN / FR / ES / ZN / AR
98885250 mlEN / GR / PL / RO / RU

How to use

A 250 ml can is efficient for 9 litres of coolant. Add the content into the cooling water. Start the engine and let the heating system run. Depending on the degree of contamination, let the engine idle for approximately 10 to 30 minutes at operating temperature. Empty the cooling system and flush with water. Fill the cooling system according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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