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spongy brake pedal. What to do?


In the course of operation (after a year in average) some amount of water (2-3%) penetrates into the brake fluid causing:

Decrease of the ‘wet’ boiling temperature by 40-60° which causes the premature boiling of the brake fluid which will cause the formation of bubbles.

The brake fluid will become ‘soft’, the brake pedal will become spongy and the car will not stop in time which could lead to serious consequences.


BIZOL Brake Fluid DOT 4

ATTENTION! Follow the instructions of car manufacturer!

  • pertaining to deadlines for the brake fluid changing
  • check conditions of the brake fluid twice a season at least
  • if water content therein exceeds 3%, the brake fluid must be replaced immediately
  • to use only extra high quality brake fluids like BIZOL DOT 4
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