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power loss (gasoline). What to do?

formation of deposits on injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber

BIZOL Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80

  • cleans the entire fuel sytem
  • protective film delays formation of new deposits
  • improved fuel flow
  • better combustion
  • fuel saving and reduction exhaust emssions

Injector Service – Надёжное высокое качество обслуживания

BIZOL Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80


  1. cleans the entire fuel system
  2. controls deposit formation
  3. improves engine combustion and power
  4. ensures lower fuel consumption

Product Description

BIZOL Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80 is a highly concentrated ready to use cleaning solution for professional maintenance of engines. It contains specially developed Deposit Control Additives (DCA) that removes deposits particularly on intake valves, fuel injectors and the combustion chamber. BIZOL Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80 inhibit the formation of deposits arise from breakdown of fuel components by forming protective films in the injection system.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in Litres
89011 L



Ready to use cleaning fluid for use with compressed air tank and appropriate adapters.

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