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piston ring gumming and contamination. What to do?

Piston ring gumming problem has become especially typical because of new technologies used in engineering industry. Gaps between the piston rings and grooves have become narrower. Any thin layer of deposits causes failures in engine operation. As a consequence there is a loss of pressure, increased oil consumption, accelerated engine wear and tear and expensive repairs.

BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90

ATTENTION! Never use it for motorcycles with a wet clutch.


The additive is used to clean the oil system when the engine oil is replaced:

  • will provide ‘soft' oil system cleansing
  • will prevent piston ring gumming
  • removes deposits and high-temperature sludge from engine
  • is compatible with all engine oils available commercially
  • is advisable to use it at each oil change for all petrol and diesel engines

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