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occasional engine overheating. What to do?

Occasional engine overheating is among one of the important reasons for a sharp decrease of the life of the oil. If you rely upon the use of cheap oil and in combination with low-quality fuel, exposure to high temperatures will entail accelerated oxidation of oil thus causing formation of insoluble particles resulting in quick wear and tear of engine which in turn means expensive repairs. A doubtful saving.

BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90

ATTENTION! Never use it for motorcycles with a wet clutch.


This additive is used to clean the oil system just before the engine oil is replaced:

  • it will extend service life of the new oil and reduce oil consumption
  • especially when low-quality engine oil and fuel is used
  • removes deposits and high-temperature sludge from engine
  • is compatible with all engine oils available commercially
  • is advisable to use it at each oil changing for all petrol and diesel engines

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