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May we mix coolants?

Improper mixing can result in foaming, sediment building-up, hoses clogging and when this happens then there is no cooling and the engine will cease up.

BIZOL Coolants

ATTENTION! Follow the instructions of car manufacturer!


Coolants of the same grade but from different manufacturers may be mixed (as, for example, G11 with G11 or G12+ with G12+ etc.).

Colours in this case are of no significance. Colours from different manufacturers can vary. The most important thing: the same grades and specifications.

In the force-majeure events (for example, during a trip), when the anti-freezing fluid is refilled under emergency conditions, it worth remembering that:

  • G11 may not be mixed with G12
  • G12 may be mixed with G12+
  • G11 may be mixed with G12+
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