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loss of engine performance. What to do?


- combustion temperature of 500-600 °C is not achieved that is necessary for soot to burn

- clogging of DPF


BIZOL DPF Regeneration+ d61

  • catalytically lowers the ignition temperature of the soot to approx. 350 °C allowing for the soot to be burned
  • DPF is regenerated

Diesel Fuel Additives –

BIZOL DPF Regeneration+ d61


  1. supports continuous DPF regeneration
  2. reduces soot built-up
  3. prevents malfunctions of the DPF
  4. reduces pollutant emissions
  5. ensures a cleaner and more efficient DPF

Product Description

BIZOL DPF Regeneration + d61 is a powerful preventive measure additive designed to prolong the lifetime of the Diesel Particulate Filters in any diesel engine. It reduces soot built-up and ensures continuous DPF regeneration, especially on short distances and city traffic.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in LitresLanguages
98009250 mlEN / GR / PL / RO / RU
8009250 mlDE / EN / FR / ES / ZN / AR

How to use

A 250 ml can is effective for up to 75 liters of fuel. It can be poured in the tank at any time as it is self-mixing. For preventive maintenance use every 3rd tank filling. In countries with low fuel quality recommended for continuous use.

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