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Increased wear. What to do?

More attention is being paid to the energy-saving trend in the modern engine industry. This means that although the engines themselves are becoming smaller, the operating requirements are becoming more and more exacting. Thus the oil has to do more than it has ever done before as it has a direct influence over the viability and power of the engine.

BIZOL Car Engine Oils

  • are long wearing and increases service life of the engine
  • are stable throughout the entire range of operation conditions
  • provide maximum reserve of protective and washing properties
  • meet requirements to be met by turbo engines
  • comply with increased interval between lube oil changing as prescribed by car manufacturers
  • decreases lube oil consumptionare thermally stable at high and low temperatures are compatible with a catalyst
  • provide engine cleanliness splendidly
  • provide fuel saving guarantee excellent ‘cold’ start-up have excellent neutralising properties



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