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fuel injector clogged. What to do?

Low-quality petrol causes formation of engine gum deposits on fuel injectors and within the injector rail thus hindering proper fuel feeding and impairing quality of its atomisation.

BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80

A fuel additive to clean valves, combustion chamber and fuel injectors (atomising nozzles)

  • remedies irregular idle running and bad engine starting
  • is especially advisable for stop and go driving mode in city traffic
  • provides long term protection against deposits and corrosion
  • optimises fuel feed and improves its atomisation
  • increases engine power and reduces fuel consumption
  • is recommended after every 2.000 km, especially for low-quality fuel

Fuel Additives – Protect And Increase Performance

BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80


  1. increases the performance level of gasoline engines for sustainable driving
  2. reduces emissions and fuel consumption
  3. extends the life of the fuel system

Product Description

BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80 is a fuel additive Made in Germany especially developed for maintaining the entire fuel system. Low or inconsistent fuel quality can cause carbon deposit build-up, inefficient ignition and combustion as well as poor power output. BIZOL Gasoline System Clean+ g80 effective cleans the entire fuel system, particularly injectors and valve seats, and prevents from corrosion. It protects the catalytic converter and is suitable for all gasoline engines and fuel qualities (E5, E10 or E85).The regular use of this unique fuel additive leads to lower fuel consumption, noticeably smoother engine run and increased operational reliability.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in LitresLanguages
98880250 mlEN / GR / PL / RO / RU
8880250 mlDE / EN / FR / ES / ZN / AR

How to use

A 250 ml can is efficient for up to 70 litres of gasoline fuel. Just pour it in the fuel tank before filling, it is self-mixing. For preventive maintenance use every 3rd tank filling. In countries with low fuel quality recommended for continuous use.

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