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Exhaust gas. What to do?

Smoke and low oil pressure (compression loss) is a result of reduced oil viscosity and worn out oil scraper rings. It often can be found in old or worn engines during summer periods, especially when low-quality engine oil types are used that do not provide a stable oil film. Thus causing wear and tear of the engine and formation of bore scuffing or bore mirroring.

BIZOL Smoke Stop+ o93

ATTENTION! Never use it for motorcycles with a wet clutch!

This additive will increase and stabilise the engine oil viscosity:

  • increase oil pressure (compression)
  • guarantee high stability of the oil film under the heaviest operating conditions
  • provide excellent protection of engine against wear and tear
  • prevents oil dilution from unburnt fuel

Additives PHASE OUT – Zapewnia Bezawaryjność I Wysoką Jakość Obsługi

BIZOL Smoke Stop+ o93


  1. seals and avoids oil combustion
  2. reduces motor oil consumption
  3. reduces exhaust blue smoke

Product Description

BIZOL Smoke Stop+ o93 helps seal piston rind end gaps by not allowing motor oil to enter the combustion chamber, therefore avoiding burning it together with fuel. Reduces exhaust blue smoke caused from motor oil burning, minimizing oil consumption. Reduces engine noise and increases the compression ratio.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in Litres
8887 (discontinued)250 ml

How to use

A 250 ml can is effective by pouring it in the motor oil with a maximum ratio of 1:10. Effective with all commercially available motor oils. Not suitable for use in motorbikes with wet clutches.

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