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engine knock. What to do?


- ineffective combustion

- engine knocking

- high fuel consumption

- higher emissions

- loss of engine power

- fuel with high or with Low sulphur content


BIZOL Octane Power+ g81

A fuel addition petrol modifier

  • reduces and prevents knocking
  • improves the octane number by up to 10 points
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • it may be used with fuel as with high or with low sulphur content
  • improves speed dynamics provides running evenness

Fuel Additives – Protect And Increase Performance

BIZOL Octane Power+ g81


  1. prevents wear of valves
  2. reduces engine pinging
  3. boosts gasoline power up to 10 points (RON)

Product Description

BIZOL Octane Power+ g81 boosts fuel octane number (RON) and contains engine power molecules. Avoids mechanical damage caused through pinging. Recommended usage when the octane number is lower than required by the vehicle manufacturer.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in Litres
8004250 ml

How to use

A 250 ml can is suitable for up to 70 liters of gasoline fuel. Just pour it in the fuel tank; it is self-mixing. Regular application is recommended.

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