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engine does not run smoothly. What to do?

impurities from the fuel accumulate and may disturb the air-fuel ratio causing malfunctions of the engine

BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35

  • easy starting
  • smoother and more efficient engine operation
  • improved exhaust gas values for a cleaner environment

Cleaning – Zapewnia Bezawaryjność I Wysoką Jakość Obsługi

BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35


  1. quick and effective cleaning of EGR valve and turbocharger without dismantling
  2. improves engine performance, reduces fuel consumption
  3. lowers emissions

Product Description

BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 is a high quality and very effective professional cleaner for the air intake, EGR system and turbocharger. It easily dissolves and removes all common deposits such as carbon, oil, resin and laquer. The EGR valve and turbocharger only need to be dismantled for cleaning in case of severe soot contamination and malfunction. A special long spray probe with atomizer holes reduces pressure and its 360 degree valve makes it possible to easily reach even inaccessible places. BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 should be used regularly on engines sensitive to intake fouling and DPF saturation.

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in Litres
80015400 ml


Spray onto the air inlet, throttle valve.

How to use

The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake well the aerosol. Do not spray on hot and laquered...

The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake well the aerosol. Do not spray on hot and laquered surfaces. A) Cleaning without dismantling the parts: Start the engine, make sure it has reached a normal operating temperature and turn it off. Shake the can well before use. Use the long spray probe to enter the intake / manifold (when necessary open throttle valve), apply the product while slowly pulling back the hose in 5 seconds, assuring the complete intake is sprayed. Let the product settle for 5 minutes. Partially close off the air intake entrance (approx. 75%) to increase air speed and create a better mixing of the product in the airflow. Start the engine and let it run at around 2.000 RPM. Spray the product into the air intake with short bursts (2 seconds). Make sure the RPM is back at 2.000 RPM before applying the next burst. Finish the complete content of the can and keep the engine idling for at least 3 minutes after the treatment before stopping. IMPORTANT: during cleaning via the air intake make sure to have a solid item at hand to close off the intake completely, should heavy engine knocking occur. In case RPM’s drop, accelerate to prevent stalling. In case of engine knocking or stalling, stop spraying immediately. Make sure the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter do not get overheated. B) Malfunctioning EGR or turbo with heavy carbon deposits: Shake well before use. Dismantle the parts (Turbo & EGR housing). Spray the product onto the deposits within the EGR housing and Turbo. Let the product settle for a few minutes and repeat it when required. If needed, use a brush or rag to remove any loose deposits. Make sure that parts are dry before reassembling them. Use the amount required and proceed with procedure A for cleaning via the air intake in order to prevent quick repeated build-up of deposits in the EGR system.

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