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accelerated wear and tear (CVT). What to do?

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) may be considered as one among versions of automatic gear boxes. However, the operating principle of a continuously variable transmission is quite different: The torque is transferred from the engine to wheels in a continuously variable method.

BIZOL Automatic Transmission Fluids

ATTENTION! Follow the instructions of car manufacturer!


To provide efficient and long service life of the continuously variable transmission, it is advisable to pay special attention to the quality of CVT fluid, the level of the transmission gear liquid for CVT and making a timely change of CVT fluid. The style of driving style plays important part in the operation of the Continuously Variable Transmission vehicle, since the risk of premature wear of CVT gear box increases significantly under extreme loads such as in city traffic, mountains or when wheels are slipping.

In this connection, it is strongly recommended to reduce intervals between the liquid changing.

BIZOL transmission gear oil for Continuously Variable Transmission will:

  • protect against wear and tear
  • optimise operation of the gear box
  • extend service life considerably
  • save repair costs significantly

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