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Using the new BIZOL Maintenance Formula


No-one would be surprised to hear about issues with fuel quality in third-world countries. However, as a recent study by Cleveland State University shows, there are big variations in quality between different brands of gasoline sold even in the US.


It turned out that different gasoline brands use widely varied amounts of additives: some use just the minimum required by government standards, while others – such as Shell V-Power – more than five times that amount.


Gasoline composition has a significant impact on engine cleanliness. For instance, olefins contained in FCC naphtha form gums by oxidation. Gums can cause a variety of problems such as blockage of fuel filters, injector nozzles, carbon deposits on intake valves and piston, sticking piston rings, etc.


This impacts engine efficiency, increase fuel consumption, and eventually leads to engine breakdowns. Treating gasolines with detergent additives helps to maintain engine cleanliness, reducing the deposit formation levels by 10 to 20 times.

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