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BIZOL Allround 15W-40


  1. keeps the engine clean and provides reliability for many kilometres
  2. optimal wear protection ensures long service life of engine components
  3. high oxidation stability enables long oil change intervals

Product Description

BIZOL Allround 15W-40 is a modern high-performance mineral engine oil for all year-round use in gasoline and diesel engines, including engines with turbocharger and catalytic converter. Because of the combination of advanced additives of the latest generation it ensures excellent protection against oxidation, wear, improved protection against foaming, and has anti-corrosive and purifying properties.

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

MB 228.1/229.1 | VW 501 01/505 00 | MAN M 3275 | Volvo VDS | MTU Type 2 | Caterpillar TO-2/ECF-1A | Allison C4 | MACK EO-M Plus | Cummins CES 20077 | Valtra E | New Holland NH 330G

Available Packages

Article Nr.Size in Litres
820101 L
820164 L
820115 L
8201220 L
8201360 L
82014200 L
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