the right engine oil for your motorcycle

BIZOL Moto is a way to ensure your motobike is taken care of.

High quality motorcycle oil made in Germany that keeps you safe and your vehicle well maintained.

BIZOL Moto oils are made in Germany, blended from high-quality oils and additives to provide a unique level of engine protection.
BIZOL Moto engine oils conform to the latest JASO and JASO MA2 standards.

Why do you need to change motorcycle engine oil?

When a motorcycle runs out of oil, the engine begins to overheat and the cooling efficiency lowers. The motorcycle oil has to protect not only the engine but also cool and lubricate the clutch and gearbox.

Challenges and specific needs of motorcycle and quad engines

Significantly higher internal temperatures and loads than in car engines, Foaming because of the revs at higher speeds
Lower cooling efficiency of the motorcycle cooling systems
Lubrication needed for both the engine and the gearbox

The advantages of BIZOL motorcycle engine oils

Lubrication and protection to the engine components, smooth gear selection
Good corrosion protection properties, savings of fuel and lower oil consumption
Advanced formulation keeps deposits at low levels and prevents the formation of sludge
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Keep your motorcycle well maintained and avoid engine damage using high-quality BIZOL engine oil made in Germany.

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