BIZOL Green Oil+

For hybrid vehicles and start-stop automatic in urban traffic

Start-stop systems increases engine wear up to 10 times and urban traffic test it to the fullest. BIZOL Green Oil+ is a cutting-edge, fully synthetic motor oil and Made in Germany. It is guaranteed to offer the best possible protection against the wear-and-tear caused by congested traffic. 



Using an original combination of PAO, API Group V and an effective additive package, BIZOL created this oil so that car lovers can take proper care of their vehicle under the tough conditions of modern road. Use our expertise and innovative thinking to be professional while driving.



Urban traffic, start-stop operation and hybrid vehicles all place high demands on motor oil. BIZOL Green Oil+ is specifically designed to overcome these challenges. This innovative app demonstrates the effect of our BIZOL Green Oil+ compared to a conventional oil in all three driving modes:

  • Start-Stop
  • Urban traffic
  • Hybrid

But this is not all. What stands out is its technology behind this singular product that have been specially developed by our German engineers.

Since its launch at the Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 the interest in our  BIZOL Green Oil+ has risen tremendously. Therefore we decided to tell you more about this product. What stands out is its unique technology behind this singular product. Now we will show you two technologies that represent the essence of our new BIZOL Green Oil+ that we have captured and visualized for you.  


Graphik 1: The 2 D Surface Gel technology

The 2 D Surface Gel is a very innovative technology invented by the BIZOL R & D team that provides adhesion and a constant thickness of the lubrication film. It reliably prevents a breakdown between the specially loaded contact sufaces that occur in the stop and go driving mode and therefore give the engine additional protection especially in urban traffic as well as for start-stop systems and hybrid vehicles. Thanks to this technology a remarkable noise reduction has been achieved at all start-stop operations.


Graphic 2: The OxShield technology

The OxShield technology has been invented by BIZOL and is utilised in our new Green Oil+ to provide an even greater oxidation stability than in conventional motor oils meaning a higher aging protection of the oil. Further advantages the oil provides are extended oil change intervals and a long-term protection against corrosion and pitting.

Here you can download all necessary technical information.

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