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Additives - Protect and increase performance

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Product NameProduct descriptionArt-Nr
BIZOL Motor Power+ g80

BIZOL Motor Power+ g80 is an ash-free combination of active substances for cleaning the entire fuel system and clearing it from deposits and corrosion. This product was developed according to the latest additive, fuel, and engine technologies, and meets the requirements of latest and previous generations of engines.

8880 (DE/EN/ES/FR), 2342 (EN/AR/ZN/RU)
BIZOL Octane Power+ g81

BIZOL Octane Power+ g81 is a self-mixing combination of agents for gasoline engines formulated according to state-of-the-art additive and fuel technology. It increases the fuel octane number, improves fuel combustion and engine performance. It optimizes engine wear protection and improves the general performance of gasoline engines.

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Product NameProduct descriptionArt-Nr
BIZOL Diesel System Clean+ d60

BIZOL Diesel System Clean+ d60 improves lubrication and contains a mixture of agents with cleaning, dispersing, material protecting, and cetane number increasing properties which are adjusted to modern engines, fuels, and operating conditions. This lubrication improver provides diesel fuels that are low in sulphur with a better lubricating quality. Due to the increased ignition, the fuel has a better combustion performance under cold operating conditions and the smell nuisance from emissions is being reduced.

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Product NameProduct descriptionArt-Nr
BIZOL Smoke Stop+ o93

BIZOL Smoke Stop+ o93 minimizes exhaust smoke caused from increased oil burning. It stabilizes oil viscosity, increases sealing, minimizes the oil consumption and reduces motor noise preventing penetration of oil into the combustion chamber.

BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90

BIZOL Oil System Clean+ o90 is a balanced combination of special additives in a liquid media. Highly effective cleaning and dispersing additives along with the liquid media dissolve sludge and lacquer forming substances. Oil-soluble and oil-insoluble particles of all kinds are then kept in suspension and removed during the next oil change. The new oil and the engine that are free from deposits and contaminations can develop their full effectiveness.

8883 (DE/EN/FR/ES), 2354 (EN/ZN/RU/AR)
BIZOL Leak Stop+ o92

BIZOL Leak Stop+ o92 restores hardened rubber and plastic seals to their original condition and prevents viscosity loss of the motor oil. Thus, the product reduces oil consumption in petrol and diesel engines.

BIZOL Oil Life+ o91

BIZOL Oil Life+ o91 is a multifunctional, high performance additive for reducing friction and wear, and maintaining stable viscosity. Even under extreme conditions, it prevents a viscosity loss in the motor oil and noticeably protects the engine against wear.

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Product NameProduct descriptionArt-Nr
BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70

BIZOL Radiator Clean+ r70 is a concentrated product specially developed for cleaning all cooling systems, particularly in motor vehicles. Dissolves calcium carbonate and oil deposits in the cooling circuit. The modern formulation contains complex agents with active cleaning substances that do not affect rubber and plastics.

BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71

BIZOL Radiator Repair+ r71 is a dispersion for sealing leaksin water-cooling systems of vehicles. This product reliablysealshairline cracks and small leaks.