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BIZOL wins its 3rd Award at AAPEX in Las Vegas, USA for Best Packaging for import cars or trucks.


  • Award criteria were design and presentation/merchandizing strength
  • Ease to use
  • Good Retail Display and ease to verify package contents
  • Ease to open and reclose packaging
  • Packaging quality, sufficient strength to protect and prevent packaging degradation
  • Product identification and labelling
  • Launched in the USA between Aug. 1st, 2013 and AAPEX 2014


Las Vegas, USA

BIZOL wins at AAPEX the 3rd Award as best packaging for import cars or trucks in the USA.  Boris Tatievski the Founder and CEO of BIZOL is thankful to the organizers of AAPEX, the Auto International Association (A.I.A.), our BIZOL USA partner, our entire BIZOL team, in particular the BIZOL Marketing and the agency Fedoriv  to be the first German motor oil manufacturer to receive such a prestigious award.

BIZOL’s new and innovative motor oils meet and exceed the standards of the German automotive industry based on highest quality standards with 100% consumer transparency and protection.

"Outside of Germany, partial Synthetic Motor Oils can be labelled as Fully Synthetic Motor Oils. This is not allowed in BIZOL because according to German Law we need to clearly label Fully Synthetic and Partial Synthetic motor oils. Receiving such a prestigious marketing award again speaks for itself. We live by our company philosophy: Be effective", says proudly BIZOL CEO, Boris Tatievski.



BIZOL is a German manufacturer of effective innovative motor oils and technical fluids. The company was founded in Germany in 1998 and its products are now sold in 65 countries. Over the next three years, BIZOL products will be sold in 100 countries.

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