Press Release

BIZOL participates for the first time at 16th Auto Expo Africa in Nairobi, Kenya


Focus on Distribution Expansion in Africa following Continued International Growth

  •  BIZOL is already present in 10 African countries, expansion of distribution in Africa aimed at the automotive and industrial sectors
  •  Flexible User Innovation Model has enabled impressive international expansion
  • Continued success of BIZOL Green Oil, a specific motor oil for city traffic
  •  BIZOL is exhibiting for the first time at Auto Expo Africa 2013 at Booth A198 with new lubricants for the German Premium Car segment


Nairobi. BIZOL, the technical fluids brand created 15 years ago, by physicist Boris Tatievski, is participating for the first time at the 16th Edition of Auto Expo Africa, Kenya.  

BIZOL has established distribution in 53 countries namely: 34% in Europe, 19% in Africa, 11% in the Middle East, 10% in the Americas, and 26% in Asia Pacific.  BIZOL is already present in 10 African countries. BIZOL is attending Auto Expo Africa with the intent to appoint Regional Distributors for the East African market.

Flexible Business Model

Most of BIZOL´s innovations are inspired by specific user demands. Since 1998 BIZOL has adopted an “Open Innovation” model and a business model that optimizes existing supplier networks and networks of leading research automotive laboratories in Germany. “For the past 15 years, the BIZOL brand has stood for high German quality standards; we are very pleased to be here at Auto Expo Africa introducing our products to this important market ” says Boris Tatievski the Founder and CEO of BIZOL. The focus areas for 2013 will be on expanding distribution in Africa. “BIZOL will continue to introduce in this important growing market lubricants with the latest German Car Manufacturers approvals which are already successfully selling internationally.” says Alex Singer, BIZOL Chief Sales Officer. 

BIZOL Green Oil Provides Motor Safety in City Traffic

By 2025, 2 billion people or 25% of the global population will live in 600 cities. Every year 65 million people move from the countryside to a city. The number of vehicles on the road will double from 1 to 2 billion. City traffic will increase, affecting human, economic and quality of life factors. Many cities in Africa are experiencing an increase of City Traffic.

Increased urbanization entails increased city traffic. Engines operated in city traffic are 30% more idle, aggravating the rate of motor oil deterioration and therefore increasing the probability of failure with regard to various motor components. BIZOL Green Oil´s innovative additive package combats motor oil degradation and viscosity breakdown which can occur while motors are idle in city traffic by offering maximum wear protection against these particular difficult conditions. Thus BIZOL Green Oil maintains the driver’s safety – technically, financially and emotionally. “With the increase of urbanization and of city traffic in Africa, the BIZOL brand`s promise which is closely linked with Personal Safety, will become increasingly relevant for African commuters” says Marcello Assandri BIZOL Chief Marketing Officer.

BIZOL Green Oil is already available in more than 40 countries and demand for this unique motor oil has grown steadily.

Exhibition Highlights: Lubricants for the African market

Visitors at Auto Expo Africa will be received at Booth A198. BIZOL is presenting three products:


BIZOL Green Oil 10W-40

Motor Oil

This universal motor oil has strong anti-wear properties which enhance safety by protecting all types of gasoline and diesel engines in heavy city traffic conditions all year round.  


BIZOL truck New Level SAE 5W-30

Motor Oil

This new generation motor oil exceeds the requirements set for UHPD oils. It enhances endurance and optimum wear protection at maximum oil intervals.  

BIZOL Anti-Smoke

Oil Additive

This modern Oil Additive minimizes exhaust smoke caused by increased oil burning. It stabilizes oil viscosity, increases sealing, minimizes oil consumption and reduces engine noise. It also prevents penetration of oil in the combustion chamber.