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BIZOL Green Oil introduced to Turkish market –enabling better fuel efficiency for automobiles operated in daily traffic



At Automechanika Istanbul, German motor oil company BIZOL introduces BIZOL Green Oil which was specifically designed for automobiles in dense city traffic and helps with fuel savings.

BIZOL, the technical fluids brand created 15 years ago by physicist Boris Tatievski, is participating in Automechanika İstanbul 2013 with its booth at the German Pavilion.

BIZOL, which has established distribution in 53 countries namely in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, and designs special motor oil for specific customer needs as opposed to manufacturing them according to average needs, is introducing the newly produced BIZOL Green Oil at the fair.

Boris Tatievski, founder and CEO of BIZOL, indicating that engines of those cars which constantly travel in heavy traffic, said, “We are aware of the increased traffic in Istanbul. Actually this is becom-ing a global issue especially in growth markets. Cars, engines and most motor oils have not been engineered for intense city traffic. BIZOL is the first company that has focused on this problem. Our Green Oil motor oil can protect engines and save fuel in city traffic conditions.”

BIZOL Green Oil Provides Motor Safety in City Traffic
By 2025, 2 billion people or 25% of the global population will live in 600 cities. Every year 65 million people move from the countryside to a city. The number of vehicles on the road will double from 1 to 2 billion. More and more drivers in Turkey are faced with the challenge of aggravated wear and tear on their car. Engines operated in city traffic are 30% more idle, aggravating the rate of motor oil de-terioration and therefore increasing the probability of failure with regard to various motor compo-nents.

Boris Tatievski, who stated they wanted to minimize the risks of engine failure which poses a serious danger to all drivers navigating daily traffic, also said, “BIZOL Green Oil with its innovative additive package combats the motor oil degradation and viscosity breakdown that can occur while engines are idle in city traffic. By offering maximum wear protection against these particular difficult condi-tions, BIZOL Green Oil maintains the driver’s safety – technically, financially and emotionally.”

“We will grow with our business partner in Turkey”

Tatievski, who indicated they as BIZOL are active in 53 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific, said, “Like we do in almost all markets, we want to grow with our partner to expand our presence in Turkey by expanding in collaboration with our business partner in Turkey, AKDAR PETROL. This is why we are attending Automechanika İstanbul 2013 for the second time.”

BIZOL products at the fair that stand out

The highlights of the products that will be presented at Automechanika İstanbul 2013 in the German Pavillion at the booth of BIZOL, which since 1998 has adopted an “Open Innovation” model and a business model that optimizes existing supplier networks and networks of leading research automo-tive laboratories in Germany, are;

  • BIZOL Green Oil Ultrasynth 5W-30 Motor Oil: This HC Synthetic low friction motor oil en-hances safety by providing excellent lubricating properties all year around even under heavy city traffic conditions.
  • BIZOL Compatible SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil: This modern HC-Synthetic motor oil enhances safety and it fulfills the requirements of VW motors enhancing high performance by reducing ash contents.
  • BIZOL Fuel Additive: This highly effective diesel additive improves performance of diesel fuels by improving lubrication because it contains a mixture of agents with cleaning, dispersing, and protection properties.

BIZOL is a new kind of technical fluids company. The BIZOL brand stands for consistent German production quality in six global market segments: passenger cars, buses and trucks, motorcycles, boats, home power tools and industrial applications. During the past few years BIZOL has expanded its international distribution network considerably: in 2009 BIZOL lubricants were present in 7 countries, by 2012 BIZOL had established a presence in 53 countries. BIZOL partners with Exclusive Market Distributors offering them personalized sales and marketing support, tailored products for their specific markets, and responding to customers’ needs with a flexible user innovation model. With all of its products, BIZOL improves personal safety by taking on global traffic challeng-es.
BIZOL was established in 1998 in Berlin, Germany as an international entity of talented people thriving for success and growth, who continue to share the founder´s passion and the BIZOL winning culture. The BIZOL brand is wholly owned by Mr. Boris Tatievski, the founder of BIZOL, and is managed by the Holding Company Bita Trading GmbH.

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