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News 29.09.2016
News 21.12.2015

Fuel Economy Engine Oils: Scientific Rationale and Controversies

Boris Zhmud speaks at 20th International Colloquium TribologyIndustrial and Automotive Lubrication

News 20.08.2013

BIZOL Korea participates in the Night Race

On 04. th. of August our BIZOL partner ...... in Korea anticipates on the Night Race in Korea. The race...... Read more

News 26.02.2013

BIZOL is nominated by the Nigerian Transport Award

BIZOL is nominated by the Nigeria Transport Award (NTA) for its outstanding new lubricants introduced in the Nigerian market  ·         BIZOL is recognized as a contributor to raising the level of the  Nigerian Transport Industry. Lagos, Nigeria. BIZOL, the motor oil brand created 15 years ago by physicist Boris Tatievski,has been awarded the Nigeria Transport Award (NTA). The award w Read more