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Frequently Asked Questions

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I used to do with an engine oil SAE 15W-40. Would you advise a change for a 10W-40 or a 5W-40 oil before the winter season?

Due to low temperatures during the winter months, oil viscosity at cold start is significantly higher. Therefore it will take longer to reach all lubrication points in the engine. Thus it makes sense to change during the winter and to use an engine oil with lower viscosity at low temperatures (such as BIZOL Gold 10W-40 or, even better, as BIZOL Platin 5W-40). Such oil reaches the critical points in the engine much faster, which significantly reduces wear development at cold start. In addition, the fuel consumption during the cold running stage is reduced, and so it the emission. The starting-up time is shorter, the engine run is smoother, and the battery’s service life is extended.

Attention! Before oil changing, please consider the corresponding instructions in the user’s guide for your car.

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What is a catalytic converter and how does it function?

Catalysts are substances that, when added, initiate a chemical reaction between other substances or have an (accelerating, slowing, directing) influence on them without changing themselves. In the mineral oil industry, solid catalysts are mostly used, such as cobalt, molybdenum, platinum, nickel, barium, etc., which are often connected to a catalyst medium.

As a general rule, there are one-, two-, and three-way catalytic converters for personal cars with petrol engines. Together with lambda probe and a control unit (according to operating conditions), they are part of the exhaust system and supposed to transform pollutant exhaust fumes (such as hydrocarbons CH, nitric oxides NO, and carbon monoxide CO) into quite harmless gases (water vapour H2O, carbon dioxide CO2, and nitrogen N).

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What aspects should be minded while checking the automatic transmission fluid?

Before checking the level of the automatic transmission fluid, consult the owner’s manual for the recommendations of a transmission manufacturer. Normally, it is required to do it when the vehicle is running on the level ground. Take the transmission dipstick and check the fluid for colour and odour. It should be red and look like a transparent syrup. If it is muddy and smells burned, let your vehicle be examined by a technician.