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BIZOL Technology Gear
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BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 80W-90

  • high viscosity and temperature stability
  • high reliability of lubrication
  • high ageing resistance
Klassifizierungen und Spezifikationen
  • API GL5
  • MIL L 2105 D
  • MB 235.0
  • MAN 342 M-1
  • DAF
  • Volvo 97310 / 97316
  • Voith 3.325-339
  • ZF TE-ML 07A / TE-ML 16B / TE-ML 16C / TE-ML 16D / TE-ML 17B / TE-ML 19B / TE-ML 21A

BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 80W-90 is a multi-grade transmission oil which is resistant to temperature fluctuations and oxidation and enriched with agents for wear reduction at bearings and tooth flanks. Special additives prevent rust and foam formation. + Details

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