BIZOL team from China participates at the 43RD edition of the BMW Berlin Marathon


This year a BIZOL team from China will take part in this year’s competition expected to have more than 59,000 participants from 127 nations.  The BIZOL team composed of 34 members arrived in Berlin before the Marathon to train for the 42.195 kilometers race.  Some of them met while completing their EMBA program at the CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) in Shanghai. 
We asked Mr. Qin Yan the General Manager of Stahlgrüber China our BIZOL partner in China a few questions:

How come you decided to join the Berlin Marathon? 
Qin Yan: I have visited the BIZOL booth at Automechika Frankfurt in September. The Berlin Marathon happens right after.  This will be my 2nd marathon; the first one was in Wuxi in March 2015. As preparation I trained and took part in the 11th China Business School Gebi racing in May earlier this year.  The Berlin Marathon was right after Automechanika and  being such an important international event, we could not miss it.

What are your personal expectations for the Marathon.  How long have you trained?  
Qin Yan: I finished my first Marathon is 3 hours and 34 minutes in Wuxi China in March 2015. I will try to keep the same pace as in Wuxi. I started training in June 2014. It is quite a tough training, every month I run 300 Kilometers. Luckily, I am running mainly with my EMBA schoolmates which help me greatly.