BIZOL is nominated by the Nigerian Transport Award


BIZOL is nominated by the Nigeria Transport Award (NTA) for its outstanding new lubricants introduced in the Nigerian market


  • ·         BIZOL is recognized as a contributor to raising the level of the  Nigerian Transport Industry.


Lagos, Nigeria. BIZOL, the motor oil brand created 15 years ago by physicist Boris Tatievski,has been awarded the Nigeria Transport Award (NTA). The award will be given to BIZOL on April 11 th , 2013 by the Nigerian Television Authority in Victoria Lands, Lagos. The Award is meant to recognize companies contributing to the Nigerian Transport Industry.

The Award was given to BIZOL because of the engagement and reputation of “the Nigerian

Traffic Doctor” Dr. Gbola Oladipo from MARANATHA OIL & GAS CO LTD, BIZOL Exclusive Partner in Nigeria.


BIZOL Green Oil Provides Motor Safety in City Traffic

Increased urbanization entails increased city traffic. Motors operated in city traffic are 30% more idle, aggravating the rate of motor oil deterioration and therefore increasing the probability of failure with regard to various motor components. BIZOL Green Oil ́s unique additive package combats motor oil degradation and viscosity breakdown which can occur while motors are idle in city traffic by offering maximum wear protection against these particular difficult conditions. The number of country exclusive distributors of BIZOL Green Oil has doubled from 20 in 2010 to 40 in 2012 and demand for this specific motor oil has steadily grown.