BIZOL announces new upgraded Made in Germany Motor Oil product lines, new Design, new Packaging for the global premium car segment

  • New Upgraded Product Lines (Green, Allround, Technology, Protect)
  • New Design, new customer friendly containers, new labels

Berlin. BIZOL announces today its new product lines aimed at the global premium car segment.  The launch of the new product lines is the result of an 18 months project which is at all effects a re-launch of the brand BIZOL now present in more than 60 countries. The aim is to create the basis for further international expansion in 40 additional markets.

New product lines

BIZOL is launching its new product lines for the urban global premium car segment market. Four new Motor Oils product lines have been created based on a customer needs analysis.  The Product Lines names communicate clearly their main functional benefit.

New Design, new containers, new labels

BIZOL has introduced a new Design for its products for the urban middle class premium car driver who values Design for watches, furniture, house appliances and for cars.  The new containers for the 1, 4 and 5 liters motor oils have been designed by a professional Design Agency to recall the “B” of BIZOL.  Furthermore, the 1, 4, and 5 liters containers have been re-designed with a wider diameter of the cap to be large enough for the motor oil to be poured comfortably. The 20 liters containers have been also re-designed to allow for comfortable pouring because they include a plastic stout that can be used more times and an air valve which can be manually adjusted.


The front labels are also new containing information in seven languages.  The back labels are also been redesigned including a photo of the CEO, Boris the passionate Physicist, with a general description of the motor oil product line characteristics in 26 languages. Front and back labels are localized to suit specific market requirements. Below you will find an example front and back labels for the North American market with texts in 4 languages.          

New Upgraded Motor Oil Product Lines

Passenger Cars motor oil lines have been upgraded to meet the latest standards. To ensure a consistent high quality of BIZOL’s motor oils, production is done according to DIN ES ISO 9001:2008 and as well as Environmental Certification according to DIN ES ISO 14001:2005.  BIZOL’s motor oils comply with all the major norms, standards and classifications of: SAE, ACEA, ILSAC and API.

BIZOL Green Oil: Provides Personal Safety in City Traffic

The BIZOL Green product line contains an innovative additive formula which fights oil degradation and viscosity breakdown that can occur while the engine is idling in stop and go city traffic.


o   Provides motor safety in city traffic

o   Provides perfect protection

o   Contains a unique additive package

BIZOL Allround: Excellent Cleaning Formula for Every Driver

The BIZOL  Allround product line has been engineered to cover the requirements for at least 50% of all drivers.


o   Excellent engine cleaning properties

o   Excellent in extreme temperatures

o   High quality of base oils and additives

BIZOL Technology: Outstanding Fuel Saving Formula for Modern Cars

The BIZOL Technology product line has been engineered to cover the requirements of new and state of the art cars using modern synthetic base oils meeting the latest motor oil specifications and requirements.


o   Excellent engine cleaning properties

o   Excellent in extreme temperatures

o   High quality of base oils and additives

BIZOL Protect: Best Engine Protection for an Extended Engine Life

The BIZOL Protect product line has been engineered to cover the requirements of older cars using the best possible base oils and additives in order to extend their engine lifetime.



o   Best engine protection formula

o   Best for extending the engine lifetime

o   Best base oils and additives


 About BIZOL

BIZOL is a new kind of technical fluids company. The BIZOL brand stands for consistent German production quality in six global market segments: passenger cars, buses and trucks, motorcycles, boats, home power tools and industrial applications. During the past few years BIZOL has expanded its global distribution network considerably; soon BIZOL will be present in over 100 markets. BIZOL partners with Exclusive Market Distributors offering them personalized sales and marketing support, tailored products for their specific markets, and responding to customers` needs with a flexible user innovation model. With all of its products, BIZOL improves personal safety by taking on global traffic challenges.

BIZOL was established in 1998 in Berlin, Germany as an international entity of talented people thriving for success and growth, who continue to share the founder´s passion and the BIZOL winning culture. The BIZOL brand is wholly owned by Mr. Boris Tatievski, the founder of BIZOL, and is managed by the Holding Company Bita Trading GmbH.

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