BIZOL Green Oil+

The best for urban traffic

BIZOL Green Oil+

Engine oil especially formulated for hybrid vehicles and start-stop automatic in urban traffic

Challenges of urban traffic

on the engine oil

Traffic jams

Traffic jams are leading to high engine oil temperature at low oil pressure

  • Not all components in the engine are sufficiently lubricated
  • Increased wear due to less lubrication
  • The cooling water temperature increases
  • The oil can not dissipate the increased temperature
The start-stop function

The start-stop function causes the oil film to collapse and leads to:

  • High wear by repeatedly restarting the engine
  • Particularly high load for vehicles with timing chains (BMW, VW, Mercedes-Benz)
  • Additionally increased wear in winter
Driving in short distances traffic

When driving in short distances traffic the risk of fuel dilution condensation formation leads to:

  • The drop of the original oil viscosity
  • Dangerous consequences especially for the countries with high outside temperatures
Hybrid engines
  • The combustion engine of a hybrid car runs only in certain situations and then often under low load.
  • An increased switching frequency between the two drive technologies
  • An increased number of cold starts, depending on driving style.

The advantages

of BIZOL Green Oil+ for hybrid engines

BIZOL Green Oil+ closes the gap of the special requirement profile for the hybrid technology and start-stop automatic in urban traffic. It performs several vital lubrication functions simultaneously


The Green Oil+ provides

  • oxidation stability for a long service life
  • exceptional levels of cleanliness
  • lubrication performance at temperature extremes
  • lubricant film strength and a low evaporation loss
  • exemplary wear protection
  • fuel efficiency

Three lines of defence against wear

BIZOL Green Oil+ engine oil has:

BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology

Our BIZOL COMB LubriBoost is a polymetric friction modifier that establishes and maintains superior lubricant film strength, which is crucial for the engine’s lubrication needs under high-stress stop-start conditions.

2D Surface Gel

Our BIZOL R&D team invented this innovative technology. It has exceptional adhesion qualities maintains a consistent thickness of the lubrication film, even under high-load conditions.

BIZOL W-guard technology

The main function of the BIZOL W-guard technology is to control wear and to contribute to more fuel economy.

Highly effective W-guard technology is essential for protecting against timing chain wear (TCW).

Green Oil+ products

Urban traffic, start-stop operation and hybrid vehicles all place high demands on motor oil. BIZOL Green Oil+ is specifically designed to overcome these challenges. This innovative app demonstrates the effect of our BIZOL Green Oil+ compared to a conventional oil in all three driving modes:

  • Start-Stop
  • Urban traffic
  • Hybrid

But this is not all. What stands out is its unique technology behind this singular product that have been specially developed by our German engineers.

LSPI protection

prevents expensive engine damage


Turbocharged engines with direct injection are subject to an increased risk of engine damage due to Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). Unburnt particles in the combustion chamber can trigger preignition at the wrong time. LSPI can occur especially during cold operation, in low speed ranges and under high load, with expensive engine damage as a result.


BIZOL Green Oil+ LSPI protection minimizes the risk of LSPI. It considerably reduces the risk of engine damage due to low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). BIZOL Green Oil+ is formulated using the highest quality base oils of API Group Ill, IV and V. We pioneer the use of so-called alternative carbon number poly alpha olefins (ACN PAO) and oil soluble polyalkylene glycols (OSP) for achieving optimal tribological properties.

If you choose BIZOL, you know you will have the best possible protection for your vehicle – not just today, but tomorrow as well.

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