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BIZOL at Automechanika Shanghai 2016

3 New Motor Oils for those who love their car


Made in Germany motor oils for those who love their car

  • Green Oil Plus 5W-20 for urban traffic including start-stop systems and hybrid Vehicles
  • Technology Gas 10W-40 for gas powered engines
  • Technology 0W-20 509 for the latest VW and Audi engines

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Shanghai, China

Each new car buyer knows that to buy a new car is an investment. When you buy a hybrid car you will save fuel costs and enjoy the ride especially when driving in city traffic. Most hybrids are equipped with start-stop systems. Studies show that hybrid vehicles need higher preventive maintenance costs but lower non-scheduled costs. Having a dual engine it is often difficult to find a qualified mechanic that can service your car. With this in mind, BIZOL has created a new motor oil to help you prevent costly hybrid repairs and increase the joy of driving one. For those who drive CNG/LPG powered engines a new motor oil from BIZOL for the latest VW and Audi engines will be presented at Automechanika Shanghai.

3 New Motor Oils for those who love their car

For urban traffic including start-stop systems and hybrid vehicles

BIZOL Green Oil Plus 5W-20

Our German engineers have developed this top-tier synthetic motor oil for optimal engine protection in urban traffic when 75% of engine wear occurs because of frequent start-stops, rapid accelerations and short-haul trips. This oil provides an extra layer of protection for modern turbocharged and supercharged gasoline with automatic start-stop.


  • Superior engine protection in stop-and-go environment
  • Bizol W-guard technology for wear prevention
  • Bizol COMB LubriBoost technology for maxing up oil film strength and fuel efficiency

For CNG/LPG powered engines

BIZOL Technology Gas 10W-40

We have developed this first ever mixed fleet top-tier HC-synthetic motor oil which services equally well any CNG/LPG fueled transportation gas engines, including both dedicated and converted-to-gas engines in cars, light duty vehicles, trucks and busses. This is the most cost-efficient solution for mixed CNG/LPG fleet owners.


  • Superior protection of valves and valve seats in converted-to-gas engines
  • Lubricity boosting technology for optimal cylinder top lubrication
  • Cross-fleet deployment capability

For the latest VW and Audi engines

BIZOL Technology 0W-20 509

We are among the first German manufacturers to offer this fully synthetic motor oil meeting the latest VW 508.00/509.00 performance specifications. This oil allows maxing up fuel efficiency without compromising engine protection in new VW and Audi TFSI and TDI engines. It guarantees maximum engine output, exceptional engine cleanliness, and trouble-free operation over the entire service life.


  •  Maximum fuel economy
  •  Outstanding engine protection
  •  Developed in cooperation with VW/Audi


BIZOL is a German engineering company manufacturing innovative and effective motor oils, additives and car care for those who love their car founded in 1998 by the passionate physicist Boris Tatievski nowadays operating in more than 70 countries.

BIZOL is the example of a company using an effective business model serving partners with 100% support from the headquarters in Berlin, Germany. BIZOL´s Company Overview is also available online at:

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Marcello Assandri
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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