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By hamkarimi

I have a Hyundai Sonata YF (2014), ran for 100,000km.
I am living in Iran, Tehran(-10˚C-45˚C) and need to know; May I use ATF Protect Asia for my car, how long would be change intervals?

All the best!
Hamid Karimi
By Mr.Michael
Hallo Hamid,
I think you can drive 40.000-50.000 km.
This statement is under reserve, I do not know the technical condition of the transmission.
Best regards
Mr. Michael
By hamkarimi
Dear Michael,

Thanks for your advice. As per my search BIZOL Technology ATF LV suits the transmission because it needs low viscosity products, but since only BIZOL Allround DVI and Protect ATF are available in market, I need to know, as per your experience, if I use Allround (viscosity is higher by about 15% at 100˚C, than Technology ATF LV) instead Technology LV, it will damage the transmission or not?

Ciao hamid
By Mr.Michael
Hallo Hamid,
he Allround D Vi will not damage the gearbox. The Technology LV is mostly used and prescribed for fuel economy.
The viscosity level is, as you have already determined, slightly higher.
Best regards from Berlin
Mr. Michael
By hamkarimi
Ja, ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch.
Nächste mal alles auf Deutsch, stimmt?! 😉
By Mr.Michael
Das ist ja gut, na dann beim nächsten mal auf Deutsch.
Einen schönen Tag wünscht.
Mr. Michael aus Berlin
By hamkarimi
Danke schon Michael und gleich falls!
Bis zum nächsten Mal.
Hamid aus Teheran,
By hamkarimi
Ach, meine email und WhatsApp Nummer sind ;
hamkarimi(at)gmail.com, +989127116492,
Bis bald!