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Hey guys in Bizol, good morning and greetings from Egypt ....hope this summer is not so hard on you guys in germany... because it is a living hell her in Egypt..... actually I'm back with 2 questions 1ST- Summer her in Egypt is becoming like summer in Arabian gulf countries...it can easily reach 45 degrees ... I'm using the Green oil G+ professional 5W30....you guys told me that I can change it every 20,000 Km...I checked the oil lately and from how dark and how "watery flow" it is..i can't see this oil survive even 10,000 under my driving conditions, gasoline quality & the current temperature.... don't get me wrong, this oil is AMAZING..and to be fair, I checked the level of the oil in the engine and I didn't find any evaporation losses...actually, I think that the grade (xW-30) wouldn't be suitable for the "Egyptian Conditions" even if it is recommended!!!..so my question is "would Bizol be working on developing a Green Oil Professional G+ (xW-40) besides the currently existing W-20 & 30 ?"....an oil with a more thermal stability, if I may say?
Hello Bizol friend,
the Summer here in Germany is almost as hot this year as it is in Egypt. We had last Sunday near Berlin 39.6 ° C which is very hot for the area. and our engine oils can handle this.
At your question, I realize that you have a knowledge about engine oils.
As you surely know, all engine oils are measured at 40 ° and 100 ° and must be very shear stable here.
But as you know, an xW 40 oil is more stable than an xW20 or 30.
Since the latest vehicles are all equipped with downsized engines and require very thin oils, it will be difficult to develop an xW 40 oil here.
Whereby the BIZOL are in the middle of the development of a new xW40 motor oil. But I can not tell you when this development is complete.
We have just launched a new special engine oil for the EcoBoost engines on the market. The product is called BIZOL 5W20 ECO and is suitable for all vehicles with EcoBoost engines. With these vehicles it is important to fill only one engine oil, which is released for EcoBoost engines, otherwise the timing belt will be damaged and engine damage will occur.
I hope I could help you.
best regards from Berlin
Mr. Michael
Thank you Soo much for the help!!!....hope you guys be successful with the new oils you are developing & I hope I could find them in the Egyptian market later on!!...I'm very happy that you guys have some space for discussing technicalities with the customers....not lot of companies do that!!!!....in your expert opinion, under the harsh conditions I'm driving the car....should I continue on the "Green Oil G+ 5W30"?....or should I use the normal "Green Oil 5W40"?