TTASA (Trinidad & Tobago Auto Sports Association) Circuit Racing Championships

Racing Infos

Which cars were used in the event: Rossi Joseph rides a 2013 KAWASAKI 636 motorbike which is modified and tuned to the highest specs. Aadil Chowtee drives a Mazda Miata which is also tuned and modified. Gregory John drives a Mazda RX7 3rd Generation modified and tuned.


What was the position in race/win/place: Rossi Joseph placed 2nd in the motorbike race. He usually places in the top 3. Aadil Chowtee placed 3rd in the last event. Gregory’s car is currently doing some work and will be up and running later this year.


Importance of event in T&T: A large number of people are into racing. Racing means a lot to the spectators as most of them would have grown up attending these events. It is a good platform for brands to showcase themselves. 


What is the media coverage: It is broadcasted over the local news and a couple local channels. All the events are always well advertised on the radio and newspaper. It is covered by the sponsors through social media and also by a few Caribbean magazines.


Were BIZOL products used in the race: Yes BIZOL products were used in the race, both vehicles used the 10W-60 Technology, 20W-50 Allround, 75W-90 Allround Gear oil, Octane Booster and Grease spray.


Which events we are planning to sponsor: We are planning to keep sponsoring these vehicles as long as we can at all events. We are glad to have them represent BIZOL T&T. Also we are looking into sponsoring a well-known drift club in the near future. 

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