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Very positive test results done in the Caterpillar laboratory after 500 hours

Very positive test results from Bolivia after 500 hours of operations

  • Very positive test results done in the Caterpillar laboratory after 500 hours
  • A second test will be conducted after 750 hours of operations as recommended by the Caterpillar laboratory

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

52 kilomers east of Santa Cruz de la Sierra you will arrive at the municipality of Pailon where the Cooperativa Multiactiva Villa Nueva has been using Bizol Truck Essential for its agricultural machinery.  Before they were using local motor oils for their machinery normally for approximately 200 hours of operation.

Mr. Guillermo Peters who represents the agricultural cooperative decided to start using oils from Germany.  He chose BIZOL.  They were used to oils that could be in operation for 200 hours; they wanted to know how many hours Bizol motor oil can be used.

They decided to test the oil after 500 hours of operation.  Mr. Peters was surprised when he got the test results which showed that with the Bizol oil after 500 hours of operations all laboratory parameters were in good condition. “I have been in the agricultural business for many years now.  After receiving such positive test results, I now advice people in my industry not to save money buying low end quality oils.  What we have learned is that it pays to buy high quality oils because they last longer and prevent expensive machinery repairs”.  

“Now we have just sent for the second time a sample of the BIZOL Truck Essential 15W-40 to an independent laboratory; this time the test will be done after 750 hours of operation as recommended by the Caterpillar laboratory in Bolivia.  We are looking forward to the results”.  

BIZOL Truck Essential for those who care for their agricultural machinery
For heavy duty agricultural machinery BIZOL Truck Essential 15W-40  Our German engineers have developed a modern high performance, low friction motor oil designed for diesel engines for the agriculture segment that protects engines and prolongs intervals between oils changes.  


  • Best base oils and additives
  • Best engine protection formula
  • Best for extending agricultural machinery lifetime 

BIZOL is a German engineering company manufacturing innovative and effective motor oils, additives and car care for those who love their car founded in 1998 by the passionate physicist Boris Tatievski nowadays operating in more than 70 countries.
BIZOL is the example of a company using an effective business model serving partners with 100% support from the headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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