Quality has its price. How composition determines quality

Consumers and mechanics do not have an easy time choosing the right engine oil for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The sheer huge selection of different engine oils can be confusing. However, the manufacturing process of the base oil and the selection of the mixed additive packages determine important quality criteria. These factors will greatly influence viscosity, shear strength and sulphated ash content for the coordinated use in the engine. Does wrong engine oil impact your engine?

Yes, the wrong engine oil may cause component damage

If the precisely adjusted properties of the engine oil do not match those of the manufacturer’s approvals in the engine, extreme wear or even costly component damage can occur. Errors in oil selection therefore usually become noticeable after just a few kilometres. The engine tolerates a few millilitres, but this can already significantly affect the quality of the existing oil. More critical is the complete replacement of incorrect engine oil. High ash content can make particle filters of diesel-powered engines clog faster and turbochargers can be damaged if the lubricating film on the hydrodynamic plain bearings breaks off.

Oil Guides scow the right oil and alternatives for each model

In many cases, however, it is sufficient to simply look at the vehicle’s manual to find the right engine oil. Alternatively, freely accessible oil guides such as our BIZOL Oil Guide on www.bizol.com provide a quick overview of the suitable vehicle oils.

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