Probably all of us have come across some frightening data provided by the World Health Organization. According to the statistics of the WHO from 2016 global air pollution caused an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide. The cause…
Green Oil+, the engine oil for urban traffic

The best wear protection: formulated for the rigours of daily traffic

BIZOL Green Oil+ is a premium product that has all of the qualities a modern engine oil requires and more besides. It has outstanding oxidation stability for a long service life, exceptional levels of cleanliness, lubrication performance at…
Catlytic converter protector

Catalytic converter cleaner – The new BIZOL additives

How to fix a catalytic converter without replacing it Catalytic converters: do they last a lifetime? Catalytic converters are important components on a vehicle. Especially nowadays, their importance in exhaust gas aftertreatment cannot…
synthetic oil BIZOL G+ and friction modifierBIZOL 2021

Synthetic oil 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40.What makes it premium?

Prof. Dr. Boris Zhmud, BIZOL, Germany BIZOL insider information on engine oil production Different applications, different product development What makes a motor oil be considered premium? Price, universality, availability, fuel economy,…
picture start stop system_Green_oil_plus_bizolBIZOL 2021

Does start stop system wear out engine components?

Synthetic oil BIZOL® Green Oil+ Advantages of the Start-Stop systems The majority of modern engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are nowadays equipped with a start-stop system. An automatic start-stop system automatically…