Probably all of us have come across some frightening data provided by the World Health Organization. According to the statistics of the WHO from 2016 global air pollution caused an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide. The cause…
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Aftertreatment System Cleaner

Exhaust aftertreatment system maintenance All filters need to be cleaned or replaced at some point. In the case of gasoline particulate filters (GPF), for instance, particulates from the combustion process build up over time, despite fuels…
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Stopping gearbox leaks, noise and improving overall feel and performance

When you consider the sheer amount of loading that manual gearboxes have to deal with, it is astounding how smoothly they perform under all sorts of driving conditions. The transmission system has to handle constant load changes. The gearbox…
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Oil Life+ o91 – Life Insurance for Engine Oil

How can you protect your engine from wear and extend the service life of your engine oil? Don’t worry, we can help you to turn back the clock. If you want to protect your engine but cannot adhere rigidly to the prescribed replacement interval,…
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Additives – The environmental benefits

Can additives contribute to improved air quality and help protect the environment? Daily use and consequential wear, leads to the build-up of deposits such as carbon and gum in the fuel system and engine over time. Additives can help to…
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BIZOL Oil Explainer: Additives

What are additives and which functions do they perform? In the simplest terms, additives are oil-soluble agents or active substances that are dissolved or suspended as solids in oil. The organic or inorganic compounds that make up the additives…
cooling system overheats, engine steam

Stopping Coolant Leaks the Easy Way

What happens when the cooling system overheats Oh no, what’s that? Steam is billowing from the engine bay! Immediately you ask yourself, how much is it going to cost to repair? When the cooling system overheats or the radiator springs…
Catlytic converter protector

Catalytic converter cleaner – The new BIZOL additives

How to fix a catalytic converter without replacing it Catalytic converters: do they last a lifetime? Catalytic converters are important components on a vehicle. Especially nowadays, their importance in exhaust gas aftertreatment cannot…
synthetic oil BIZOL G+ and friction modifierBIZOL 2021

Synthetic oil 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40.What makes it premium?

Prof. Dr. Boris Zhmud, BIZOL, Germany BIZOL insider information on engine oil production Different applications, different product development What makes a motor oil be considered premium? Price, universality, availability, fuel economy,…
Man over engine, radiator cleanBIZOL 2021

Is your engine running hot? BIZOL® Radiator Clean+ r70!

Is the expensive replacement of defective components always necessary? Why should I clean the radiator? Pollutions that stress the cooling system Especially on hot summer days, the cooling system in the car is put under a lot of strain.…
BIZOL additive pictureBIZOL 2020

German effective engine oil additives

BIZOL Additives – from standard to excellence A high VI means that synthetic oil retains its viscosity when exceptional hot or cold. Synthetic oil generally has a lower pour point, therefor needs lower levels of pour point depressants…