We all know the saying „time is money“. And it´s literally applicable to so many aspects of our lives. Saving time is a key element for reducing cost in businesses and many workshops have come to recognise the economic advantage of it. Instead of focussing on time-intensive replacements of parts, they now concentrate on fast and cost-effective services using suitable maintenance products to save time and money.

The dilemma of dismantling the intake system

Engine components get heavily contaminated over time. Impurities from the fuel accumulate and may disturb the air-fuel ratio causing malfunctions of the engine. The result is increased fuel consumption and a lower than expected lifespan of the engine.  Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the affected engine components. Generally, mechanics face the dilemma of dismantling the entire component, cleaning it and reinstalling it. Quite often they even replace the entire component. What a waste of time, money and effort and additional stress for the environment.

However, the right set of tools will help workshops and car enthusiasts to clean the affected components even without dismantling them and in less time. This is how the active substance of a specially formulated intake cleaner allows you to dissolve persistent contaminations: you simply spray it into the inlet port. From there, the active substance of the intake cleaner dissolves persistent deposits in the exhaust gas recirculation valve. This saves time, restores original engine performance and in addition even reduces emissions and fuel consumption. We recommend using a Diesel Intake Cleaner or a Gasoline Intake cleaner depending on the engine type. For instance, BIZOL Diesel Intake Clean+ c35 is applied on the air intake and EGR system and turbocharger. BIZOL Gasoline Intake Clean+ c36 can be used on intake and throttle area as well as on parts such as valves, actuators, EGR valves, injectors, butterfly valves, air mass meters and carburetor parts.

Efficient maintenance of sensitive components

Sensitive components such as those of a modern brake system with electronic driver assistance systems such as ABS, ASR, and ESP need to perform reliably in extreme situations and even at extreme temperature ranges. When these components are cleaned or replaced, there is always a danger of errors or even worse consequences. However, there is a way of preparing these sensitive components for routine maintenance works. Special boron nitride based sprays are easy to use, protect against electrolytic corrosion and high temperature welding. In this way sensitive components of the brake or exhaust system but also spark plugs or other screwed connections are well prepared for easy replacement. This saves a lot of time and money – for example the costly and time consuming usage of hydraulic lifts in workshops can be significantly reduced in this case.

Tiresome maintenance work can be done quicker with the right tools

Replacing hardened or dried out gaskets is quite a tiresome and time-consuming job, where the mechanic would normally spent a lot of time to scrape them from the component in a painful effort. The right spray for losening gaskets in the shortest possible time can truly work wonders. It doesn´t leave any residues and the new replaced gasket can do its job to a 100 %, the risk of injury due to slipping is minimised and the surface of the engine component is left undamaged.

In general you can see that not only the time, but also the cost of long repair times adds up significantly when carrying out recurring maintenance jobs. The right tools as described above will also help you to save a lot of time and money.

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