Changed hydraulic oil?

One of the most important systems in a car is the steering system, and deserves special attention in terms of maintenance. It is not exempt from maintenance and especially its hydraulic oil should be changed at regular intervals. Normally the life span of hydraulic oils corresponds to the life span of the vehicle, but certain factors can make it necessary to change the fluids. Leakages or foaming, especially due to inferior oil in the power steering system, can have dangerous effects on driving safety and are the most common reasons for a defective steering system. But how does foam form in a hydraulic system and how can foam affect the safety in a situation?

Causes of foam formation

Certain conditions cause the air in the oil to increase and limit the positive properties of the hydraulic oil. Air formation or air foam formation in hydraulic oils can in fact lead to serious problems in everyday driving. Causes are, for example, the mixing of different types of oil, impurities in the oil or very strong pressure and temperature fluctuations. Poor quality hydraulic oils can also promote foaming.

Safety factors in every situation: compressibility and response behaviour

Especially in hydraulic power steering or stability and traction systems, an immediate reaction to the hydraulic components is an essential safety factor for smooth operation. In the worst case, increasing compressibility and the associated delayed pressure transmission can have devastating consequences. For example, the increased air content can lead to “springing” or even make precise steering impossible. Cavitation, the formation of cavities in fluids, can also be triggered by components such as the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system that heat up considerably.

BIZOL – Quality Made in Germany

These are all problems that BIZOL Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90 safely avoids. Because BIZOL Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90 is based on a high-quality hydrocrack oil and exceeds the highest technological requirements with high-quality additives. It contains long-lasting foam inhibitors for minimum compressibility and an instantaneous power transmission and this over a temperature range from -40 °C to +130 °C!

Even in difficult situations you can always rely 100% on BIZOL and BIZOL Pro Central Hydraulic Fluid+ p90.

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