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Dirty smoke from the exhaust is not always an indication of a serious fault in the engine. This may also happen due to the careless use of low quality engine oil or the incorrect use of the wrong engine oil. Clogged oil channels and the increased formation of impurities are common problems in engines with a high mileage due to the often neglected lubrication. This is why it is all the more important to maintain the service life of the engine in the best possible way with the right products.

Good performance with excellent compression

BIZOL Pro Oil System Clean+ p91 is a high quality and cost-efficient oil system cleaner for all gasoline and diesel engines. The detergent additives clean the entire oil system without leaving any residue. Furthermore, BIZOLPro Oil System Clean+ p91 has been proven to restore insufficient compression pressure in the cylinder.

Compression loss and increased wear because of deposits?

Not all workshops know that an oil system cleaner can minimize wear. To maintain an engine in its optimal condition it is often not enough to just change the engine oil and the oil filter since deposits commonly still remain in the crankcase, oil lines or other components of the oil circuit. As a result clogged oil channels prevent a fast lubrication of the engine leading to increased wear. The function of the piston rings can also be severely impaired by contamination, which results in a loss of compression in the cylinders.

A clean oil system – for excellent performance and long engine life

This is why we absolutely recommend using an oil system cleaner before every oil change since clean oil channels guarantee a fast engine lubrication and wear reduction. In addition, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced, and wear reduction leads to an extended lifetime of the engine. Therefore, we consider this product a useful addition to the service portfolio of any workshop.

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