How can you protect your engine from wear and extend the service life of your engine oil?

Don’t worry, we can help you to turn back the clock. If you want to protect your engine but cannot adhere rigidly to the prescribed replacement interval, BIZOL has a solution for you. A straightforward way to overcome to the problem of prolonging the oil-change interval is to purchase BIZOL Oil Life+ o91. The best time to use the additive is when the engine oil is replaced but it can also be used between oil changes.

BIZOL Oil Life+ o91 contains a package of additives, such as extreme pressure / anti-wear additives, stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors. The formulation reduces wear under high pressure, improves the oxidation stability of the oil and contains corrosion inhibitors and viscosity index improvers to ensure oil flow characteristics remain as stable as possible.

BIZOL Oil Life+ o91 extends the service life of engine oil by increasing the total base number (TBN) by up to 15%, helping to maintain and improve resistance to formation of acid in the oil. The higher TBN number equates to improved protection against the oil becoming corrosive due to a harmful build-up of acidity. Acid forming in the oil shortens the time it takes for the oil to breakdown.

BIZOL Oil Life+ o91 has the following benefits:

  • improves stability of the basic oil under load
  • protects against oil ageing and corrosion
  • increases service life of the engine
  • reduces friction and wear
  • removes deposits from engine and oilways
  • facilitates cold starting and improves emergency running properties

The additive works by building up a protective layer on metal surfaces inside the engine, which reduces wear and general abrasion whilst helping to maintain engine power levels and reduce fuel consumption.

It can breathe new life into the oil in your engine so that you can get the more mileage out of the same can of oil. Using BIZOL Oil Life+ o91 fulfils a need to make resources go further, especially against the backdrop of the current energy supply crisis. The longer an oil can be used, the less you need over time. The trick though is to ensure that this strategy does not provide short-term savings at the cost of potential longer-term damage. You gain nothing – in your quest to save oil – if you do not ensure that the critical components in your engine are protected at the same time. And this is why our product contains the right mix of additives, which are critical to ensuring that your engine oil performs as intended, just for longer.

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