Transmission fluid change – When is it important?

Especially older vehicles with a high mileage often need a change of the outdated transmission fluid. The reliable lubricating film protection is only effective for a limited time and deteriorates over the years. And it is of central importance for the long-term functional safety of the transmission components.

Jerky gear changes – signs of leaking fluid protection

Even though many manufacturers promise lifelong lubrication protection with a single automatic transmission fluid filling, they do not take the mileage of the transmission into account. This makes them assume an operating life of up to twelve years. However, drivers feel the declining quality of automatic transmission fluids earlier. Generally, the automobilist notices jerky gear changes at cold temperatures, insufficient power transmission, and increased fuel consumption.

Tasks of a good automatic transmission fluid

In order for the gear oil to ensure a long material life of the components, the loaded tooth flanks of the gear wheels must be protected by a thin lubricating film that withstands the occurring forces. It is also crucial to dissipate the friction heat to avoid increased wear.

Reasons for a gear fluid change

Influencing factors leading to premature ageing are high mechanical abrasion of gears and clutch plates and very high thermal loads. Unfavourable driving habits also reduce lubrication properties in the long term, accelerating the ageing process of the fluid and gearbox.

Simplification of grades – One fluid, many areas of application

Following the customer’s request for re-introduction, BIZOL offers the automatic transmission fluid BIZOL Protect ATF DIII+ in a revised composition back in the product range. The synthetic base fluid has been formulated with newer additives, showing excellent driving properties at very cold and very hot temperatures and fast speeds. It also withstands heavy loads. This universal automatic transmission fluid can show its advantages especially in passenger cars, trucks, buses, and special vehicles as well as in hydraulic converters, hydraulic power steering systems and hydraulic clutches.

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