Which engine oil for DPF and TWC?

Low ash oil and the relevance for GPF and DPF

In the development of the latest engine oil and combustion engines, the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions is an important quality criterion. Latest generation motor oils can thus make an important contribution to environmental protection. In return, they must not adversely affect fuel combustion and the functioning of modern exhaust gas purification systems.

Malfunction of aftertreatment systems without low SAPS engine oil

Particle filters of exhaust aftertreatment systems filter even the smallest particles out of the exhaust gases with the aid of very fine pores. However, if the exhaust gases contain unburned residues, these pores can become clogged with soot and ashes, causing them to lose their cleaning function. Especially engine oils with increased phosphorus, sulphate and sulphur favour this formation of residues in modern exhaust aftertreatment systems.

ACEA specifications and CO2-emissions

The Association des Constructeurs Europeens de l’Automobile (ACEA) has developed a strict European test procedure especially for this problem, and allow engine oils to be marketed only under certain specifications. The ACEA Class C specification for passenger car engine oil is aimed at diesel-powered engines with DPF and SCR and gasoline-powered engines with GPF and includes compliance with low ash-forming fractions and optimised HTHS viscosity.

Selection criteria for the right engine oil

Car owners should therefore make sure that they choose the right engine oil. Low or mid-SAPS oils have a low content of phosphorus, sulphate and sulphur and therefore have a reduced ash-forming content.

Best BIZOL® high-performance – BIZOL® Technology engine oil

With its “Technology” product range, BIZOL offers specially developed state-of-the-art low and mid SAPS oils based on fully and HC-synthetic base oils, meeting the high requirements of ACEA specifications class C. The reduction of CO2-emissions and the lowering of fuel consumption are further specifications and requirements that had to be met during the development of this product series.

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