W-guard™ technology reduces the frictional resistance

BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 is a high quality, powerful anti-friction and anti-wear engine oil additive with advanced W-guard™ technology. It effectively causes less friction and lower fuel consumption with the help of W-guard™ technology.

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

The improved lubricating properties ensure more efficient power transmission, reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as longer engine life and less noise.

Less wear on stressed friction points

Stressful operating conditions lead to increased wear and increased friction temperatures. In this limit situation, the heavy-duty W-guard™ technology protects the friction points at risk of wear.

Less friction and lower fuel consumption for gasoline and diesel engines

Friction Modifier+ o94 is intended for use in conventional engine oils for gasoline and Diesel engines with or without catalytic converters or DPF. BIZOL Friction Modifier+ o94 should be added to the engine oil regularly. Old and new vehicles benefit from the improved lubricating properties of Friction Modifier+ o94.

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