Is your automobile still ready to drive?

A long downtime is not good for the car, no matter if in the garage in winter or a long interruption for other reasons. This can affect negatively on the operational capability of the vehicle. Just a few months are enough to consider a car service! And then, checklists can help you to control the essential points. Here is ours! Is your automobile ready to drive?

Maintain your seals: BIZOL Silicone+ L51

Rubber seals on doors and in the boot become porous, especially in cold weather and during prolonged use. The remedy for this is BIZOL Silicone+ L51. The spray maintains and protects against corrosion under mechanical and thermal stress.

Battery repair: BIZOL Contact Clean+ c32

If the vehicle starts badly or not at all, the battery can often be the cause. Particularly older batteries might have corroded terminals at the battery poles, conducting starter currents insufficiently or not at all. As a result, not enough current is provided for the starter motor during the starting process. Cleaning and contact sprays provide a remedy here. Corroded contacts are cleaned with BIZOL Contact Clean+ c32. Then it is advisable to increase the electrical conductivity with BIZOL Copper+ L54. A discharged battery must of course be charged or replaced.

Engine oil change – Check you engine oil level

Another important point is the testing of the different operating fluids and fill levels. If the car has been parked for more than a year, you should think about changing the engine oil. As a rule, the recommended engine oil can be found in the manufacturer’s operating manual. The oil filter should be changed in any case.
To select the right engine oil, simply visit our Oil Guide on our website By specifying the appropriate vehicle model, you are sure to find the right operating fluid for your car!

Coolant – Antifreeze – Radiator protection

Especially in winter, checking the coolant is another important control measure to ensure driving performance. The coolant level should be between the MIN and MAX marks. Protect the contained antifreeze from cold temperatures in winter: antifreeze testers reliably show the temperature range maintained. Products such as BIZOL Coolant G12+ are often a good choice in this case. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications! Using the wrong coolant can lead to undesirable chemical reactions and cause serious engine damage.

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